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Different Impellers Of Pumps And Turbine 3


Each modelmounted on a tough board with terminology. Size of board Is around 70x85 cm (a) Mixed low sprinter cast aluminum around 180 mmin dia. (b) Axial stream sprinter cast aluminum abuot 180 mmi...

Display Board for Pipes 3


Pipe Specials & Valves and so on. The set comprises of a strongwooden leading body of size 1.2 x 1.0 meter with hangingarrangement on which different pipe fittings, pipe specials,valves and...

Hydraulic Jack 3


A gigantic power is obrainable from it Hand operatedpractical research facility gadget..

Elevator 3


An all metlic unit is for showing the guideline of ahydraulic lift. The principle chamber Is mounted vertically between2 cm steel poles appended to a substantial cast Iron base. Pistonsupports a st...

Hydraulic Press Model 3


Exceptionally prevalent with cast metallic parts, genuine working modelfitted on metal base..

Hydraulic Ram 3


An all metallic little size no working model,useful to show the constructional subtle elements as it were. It exhibits how airpressure In a chamber provlde4s forcethrough the valve and pipe. Withou...

Pelton Turbine 3


Exceptionally prevalent with cast metallic parts, genuine working modelfitted on metal base..

De-Lavel Turbine 3


The model Is of the best known turbineworking on 40 Ib per square Inch steampressure. Cans are joined to the edge of20 cm dia wheel precisely adjusted. Merged and disparate spout is furnished with ...

Francis Turbine 3


In this framework winding packaging coordinates waterevenly to the guide sharp edges. The model isproperly built indicating water Inletblades, direct, control ring, tall race etc.Complete on metal ...

Impulses Turbine 3


Other than demonstrating the activity of a water wheelglass window, the model is able ofrunning a little dynamo with knob, workingwith weight of water repository in college.heavy &solid dev...

Water Wheel 3


Overshot, undershot and bosom water wheels can be easilyexplained with this non rusting metallic model.

Air or Steam Pressure Turbine 3


This is an all metallic two phase workingmodel, legitimately built. The rotor withshaft is on metal balls. The unit isprovided with straightforward plastic chamber toobserve inward perspective of t...

Pure Reaction Turbine 3


Hero's write huge size working model, All metalparts, fitted on a substantial cast press base and witha warming stove

Radial Turbine Pump 3


Lt is an all metallic appropriately built model. the impeller Issurrounded by various stationary vanes. One side iscovered with plexi glass demonstrating inner points of interest, Completemounted o...

Gear Pump Model 3


It is an all metallic appropriately developed model, one side iscovered with plexi glass demonstrating inner subtle elements. Completeon base, stature around 300 mm.

Centrifugal Pump 4


Unique second hand, segment cut and of repainted demonstrate..

Rotary Pump 3


It is an all metallic appropriately built huge size model.Vanes driven by inward opened barrel rotate capricious toouter shell, it fills in as a rotational compressor and additionally a partialvacu...

Centrifugal Pump Iron Base with Pulley 3


An all metallic segment cut little size show modelmade of cast aluminum parts. Rotator presses wateroutward by diffusive activity. Finish on a cast press basewith a pulley.

Centrifugal Pump without Battery 3


The model is finished on base with trough, working with apair of dry cells (3 volts). Without battery..

Model of Air Lift Pump 3


It is extremely intriguing model for lifting water by implies ofcompressed air provided by a compressor unit. The waterlifting gadget is finished with water reservior of 35 x 25 cm.