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Personal Sleek Weighing Scale


Slimline Compact worldwide plan Anti rust covered parts Ideal rust covered parts Accurate and touchy system. Thick amplifying Lens..

Wet Sieve Shaker


Wet Sieve Shaker We deliver exceptionally effective Wet Sieve Shaker. The Yodar Type, engine driven Wet Sieve Shaker of our organization is utilized for doing wet strainer investigation of material...

Physician Scale


Very precise and delicate machine. Appealing powder covered body with coordinating extravagant tangle. Hostile to slide substantial obligation cushions..

Kitchen Magnum


1. Profoundly exact and delicate scale produced according to global detail. 2. Ultra present day shapes with no edge. 3. Wide view dial with moving pointer. 4. Effectively removable scoop dish. 5. ...

Wrist Action Shaking Machine


Wrist Action Shaking Machine; Biotechnologies Inc presented world's best Wrist Action Shaking Machine. It is broadly useful machine and discovered exceptionally valuable for blending or uns...

Multi Weight


Exceedingly exact and delicate scale made according to global particular. 2. Ultra present day shapes with no edge. 3. Wide view dial with moving pointer. 4. Effectively removable scoop container. ...

Postal & Parcel Scale


1. Very exact and touchy scale made according to universal particular. 2. Ultra current shapes with no edge. 3. Wide view dial with moving pointer. 4. Effortlessly removable scoop skillet. 5. Irrep...

Parcel Scale


1. Precision according to universal models. 2. Strong and solid development. Hostile to rust covered parts. 3.Ultra present day shape accessible in wonderful in lovely powder covered hues. 4. Full ...

Biomedical Waste Sterilizers


Biomedical Waste Sterilizers We supply Bio Medical Waste Sterilizer required for disinfection process in Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Institutes..

Horiz. Autoclave Cyclindrical


Horiz. Autoclave Cyclindrical During Sterilization a Microprocessor/PLC controls temperature, Pressure, Steam Injection, Sterilization time, Drying and all other basic time based parameters. Essent...

Classic Aquatronic Scale


1.15mm/0.6 LCD digits for simple perusing 2.Toughened glass stage 3.Shatter safe glass that is sterile and simple to clean 4.Platform scale 5.Automatically modifies for use with most bowls or compa...

Lab Scale


1. Very exact and delicate scale fabricated according to worldwide determination. 2. Ultra present day shapes with no edge. 3. Wide view dial with moving pointer. 4. Effortlessly removable scoop di...

Ceramic Tile Scale


1.Ceramic tile stage 2.Attractive additional high limit scale 3.Silver stage on activity for moment perusing 4.Display size: 38mm/1.5 5.25 mm/1Digits Max Capacity: 160kg * 100g Battery : Lithium Gu...

Portable Autoclave 1


Convenient Autoclave We offer Portable Autoclave which is generally utilized as a part of different labs for finish and powerful disinfection at the most reduced conceivable cost. These are known f...

Fitness Plus Personal Scale With Clock


1.5 capacity analyzer scale 2.Displays muscle to fat ratio and water in 0.1/Increments 3.Non obtrusive body arrangement adding machine 4.Detachable show can be divider mounted/self standing 5.Displ...

Black Glass Weighing Scale


1.Extra high limit scale 2.Super thin stage, imaginative outline and simple stockpiling 3.Attractive dark glass stage scale 4.Large blue show digits 5.Super thin stage scale just 25mm/1 high for sl...

Rect. Horizontal Autoclave


Rect. Flat Autoclave Our level autoclaves square shape are generally utilized for everyday mass scale disinfection methodology and in different mass research center applications, where dryness of t...

High Precision Water Bath


High Precision Water Bath,our High Precision Water Bath is Double walled and Outer body made of gentle steel painted with white stoving veneer chamber ,cover made of thick tempered steel sheet. Tem...

Paraffin Bath


Paraffin Bath; The Paraffin Section Mounting Bath is intended to help with the treatment of paraffin wax tests in histology and pathology research centers. It is basically a hot refined water skimm...

Balances Spring


Item depiction: In graduated tubular aluminum, with zero alteration, gave top suspension circle and snare, with double scale in Metric and Newton extend. Limit Sub-division A 100gm./1N 1 gm. B 250g...