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Laboratory Weights


Limit Pcs. /Box 20kg 1 10kg 1 5kg 1 2kg 1 1kg 1 500g 1 200g 1 100g 1 50g 1 20g 1 10g 1 5g 1 2g 1 1g 1 10kg - 20kg 2 1kg - 5kg 3 1kg - 2kg 2 1mg - 2kg 25 1mg - 1kg 24 1mg - 500g 23 1mg - 200g 22 1mg...

Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer (Horizontal)


The internal chamber, steam coat, external chamber and evaporator are made of overwhelming measure treated steel with watertight argon curve welding. The spiral locking cover is made of thick S.S. ...

Vertical Autoclave


It is utilized for disinfection under soaked steam weight at any chosen point in the vicinity of 5 and 20 p.s.i. These are twofold walled units with internal chamber (Boiler) made up of 18 S.W.G. t...

Front Loading Autoclave


This is a completely programmed front stacking autoclave with dry cycle. The autoclave is modified to play out every single essential activity required in cleansing. With extra solenoids valve gave...

Chainomatic Analytical Balance


Finish with Golden chain outer control of weights upto 100 mgm of snappy Performance in all around finished wooden case with Sunmica Top.

Despensing Balance


Synthetic compounds or little protests up to 100gm can be weighed to inside 15 mg with this practical model. Metal shaft and Pans Portable remain with wooden Box without weight Box. Apportioning Ba...

Hydrostatic Balance


· With Aluminum bar and third container with snare, all on wooden base Cap. 250 gms. 

· Do same yet with Brass shaft and fitting of Cap. 250 gms. 

· S...

Letter Balance


This Balance is valuable for Trail measuring perusing specifically in gram. Twofold territory, change for one territory to another is proficient by turning a pivoted arm. 


Physical Balance


Physical Balance Science Lab The mass of a body is the measure of issue introduce in it. The mass of a body is constantly steady, and its SI unit is the kilogram. The mass of a body is estimated wi...

Portable Autoclave


Appropriate for general lab and field sanitization of instruments and dressing and so on. Cover is given dial weight check. Spring stacked security valve, dead weight write wellbeing valve and stea...

Portable Autoclave (Cooker Type)


The body is developed of SS 304. Appropriate of general lab use and in addition for field disinfection of instrument sand dressings and so forth. Vault formed SS cover is furnished which seals the ...

Table Top Autoclave


Seat Top, Pre and Post Vacuum Autoclave with programmed temperature control framework, individual test framework before activity, individual test mode analyze, completely programmed steam discharge...

Infra Red Moisture Balance


Infra Red Moisture Balance Science Lab For estimating the dampness substance of paper in stack shape and at ONLINE Rolls at paper machine. For assurance of dampness content in materials which don't...

Vertical Autoclave 1


Working Pressure : 1.26 kgf/cm.Sq. 

Working temperature : 121OC. 

Method of warming : Electrically warmed by water inundation radiators. 


Electronic Top Loading Balance


Electronic Top Loading Balance Science Lab Balance MS1003S/01 top skillet with FACT modification container estimate 127mm x 127mm 100-240V 50/60Hz 347mm x 204mm x 280mm 1020g x 0.001g by Mettler To...

Baby Classic Scale


1. Exactness according to universal gauges. 2. Durable and strong development. Hostile to rust covered parts. 3. Ultra present day shape accessible in lovely powder covered hues. 4. Effectively rem...

Baby Cum Child


1. High Precision component with the exceptional measuring scale 2. Selective two of every one outline 3. substantial view scratch safe focal point 4. Delightful Powder covered hues with coordinati...

Baroness Personal Weighing Scale


1. Sagaciously Styled scale with the extraordinary indented focal point 2. Most recent agreeable 'Feet' Positioning outline with focus separating 3. Stature weight graph 4. Wonderfu...

Clyindrical Sterilizer


Working Pressure : 1.26 kgf/cm.Sq. 

Working temperature : 121Oc/134OC. 

Method of warming : Electrically warmed by water submersion radiators. 


Rectangular Sterilizer.


Working Pressure : 1.26 kgf/cm.Sq. 

Working temperature : 121oC/134oC. 

Method of warming : Electrically warmed by water drenching radiators.