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Human Lung Demonstration Model


Students can demonstrate how the lungs work with this transparent lung model. Constructed of two rubber balloons, rubber stopper and bell jar. Pull the thin rubbe...

Human Respiratory System


This model showing parts of brain, nasal cavity, lungs, bronchial tree, position of heart. Mounted on a base, appropriately coloured and numbered with key card.

Functional Human Respiratory System


Life size. Consists a rib cage in the major thoracic organs. Demonstrates the respiration realistically by the movement of the rib cage and diagram. It needs powe...

Human Breathing System


Mounted on a base, appropriately coloured and numbered with key card.

Human Thoracic Organs Model


Shows thoracic organs include two part larynx, two part of heart, trachea and bronchial tree, subclavian artery and vein, vena cava aorta, pulmonary artery, esoph...

Human Larynx, Full Size 3 Parts


This model shows larynx, windpipe, ligaments, muscles and thyroid gland. One half of the model is removable and divided into three parts epiglottis, vocal cords a...

Human Larynx type 1


This model is of full size divided into 2 parts showing muscles, thyroid glands, larynx, hyoid bone, wind pipe, ligaments, vessels, nerves. Mounted on a base, App...

Pulmonary Alveoli Model, Magnified


Model size is 26 × 15 × 35cm. Made of PVC plastic and mounted on plastic base. The model shows the small branches of principal bronchus: Section of bronchiole o...

Human Heart


Two-part model is enlarged upto 2 -3x than original size, consisting of four parts left auricle and ventricle,right auricle and ventricle. It shows atria with aur...

Human Heart, 2 Parts


This heart model is divided into two parts showing internal and external anatomy including valves, cardiac chamber, pulmonary & systemic vascular structures. ...

Human Heart, 3 Parts


This model is three times larger than original size and separates into four parts. Both ventricles and atria are open to expose the valves and large blood vessels...

Human Heart, 4 Parts


Dissectable in 4 parts. The model showing superior vena cava, pulmonary artery, pulmonary veins, ascending arota, right atrium, left atrium, semilunar valve, righ...

Human Heart, Jumbo


Size: 25 × 23 × 23 cm. Made of PVC plastic. Helps to understand the external features and internal structures of the heart, and its relation with the large bloo...

Human Heart, Pumping


A 3-D working plastic heart model with clear chambers. Squeeze bulb pumps simulated blood through clear heart chambers just like real one. Complete heart model sc...

Human Heart (made of ABS)


Full size. Durable ABS base, detachable cover piece. Highly realistic decoration.

Human Cardiac Beat And Blood Circulation


Provides a section feature of enlarged heart and blood circulation diagram. The wall of heart is made of flexible material which can demonstrates the heart beatin...

Human Hypertension Model, 6 Parts


Life size on stand with base. Size(cm) : 40x12x12 

Human Circulatory System


This model shows the vascular system, human skeletal structure consisting of the arterial/venous system, heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidneys and partial skeleton....

Human Digestive System


This model showing the whole digestive system i.e nose, mouth cavity and pharyngs, oesophagus, liver with gall blader, pancreas and spleen. The duodenum, caecum a...

Human Digestive System, 3 Parts


Life size digestive system model, demonstrates the entire digestive system in graphic relief. Digestive system features : nose, mouth cavity and pharynx, esophagu...