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Test Tube Peg Rack


Material: Polyrpopylene 

These rack can conventenly hold rearranged tubes for drying reason and limit gathering of airborne containmants inside the tubes .This rack can likewi...

Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern)


Material: Polyrpopylene 

An econimical substitute fo rwire racks,here are these submersible autoclavable racks which are stackable when empty.These are accessible in various h...

Test Tube Stand, Acrylic/ABC


Material: Acrylic/ABS. 

These stands are appropriate for dealing with 12/13mm tubes. These racks have alphanumeric incription for test identfication.

Pipette Stand (Horizontal)


polypropleyene this autoclavable stand has two sides which are joined to each other with three metallic bars covered with polypropylene .This stand can be effortlessly dismantled for space sparing ...

Pipette Stand (Vertical)


Material: Polyrpopylene 

This is a stable non destructive separable stand which can hold 28 pipettes with most extreme dia 14 mm.The substantial base measures 225 mm in dia an...

Pipette Stand (94 Pipettes Rotary)


Material: Polyrpopylene 

Formed in polypropylene this one of a kind stand holds a most extreme of 94 pipettes and turns on a focal vertical pivot for convenentient determinati...

Pipette Stand


High Stablity sturdy and rigid.

Nessler Cylinder Stand


These stands as the name recommend is use for keeping nestler cylinder.Made of polypropleyene .This stand is accessible in two size,one for 50 ml nestler barrel and other for 100 ml nestler chamber...

Reversible Rack


Material : Polypropylene 

It is a perfect stockpiling and workbench choice for dealing with miniaturized scale tubes.

Bottles for Tissue Culture


Tissue Culture Bottles are perfect for vast yield of cell development and duplication. These culture bottle are accessible either non-treated or surface treated which offers enhanced cell bond.

Bottles for Tissue Culture Filter Cap


The channel top has a hydrophobic channel which permits ideal gas trade and diminish odds of defilement.

Universal Multi Rack2


Intended to help an assortment of tubes sizes and styles. Withstands autoclaving and solidifying.

Buchner Funnel, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Formed in Polypropylene, these two piece channels are light weight, simple to clean and autoclaveable. The best bit can be snap fitted with the lower ...

Powder Funnel, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These polyproplyene pipes are most appropriate for exchanging powdered reagents.The uniquefeatures of these pipes is its parallel stem that limits con...

Industrial Funnels, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Industerial Funnels are composed such that they make filling of carboyd, drums and barrels exceptionally convenient.They handls of these pipes make th...

Laboratory Tray, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Obviously plate formed in polypropylene is a multipurpose plate that can be utilized for disinfecting drying dishes porcelainware and other research c...

Utility Tray, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Adding to the as of now exiciting scope of autoclavable labs trays,is the utility plate and as the name propose this polypropylene plate can be used f...

Carrier Tray, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Tjis autoclavable polypropylene plate has a one of a kind highlights i.e its handle which demonstrates extremely accommodating in conveying reagents o...

Instrument Tray, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

This autoclavable plate have cover which fits into depression of plate to limit spillage of material.Smaller size can be utilized to clean little inst...

Micro Pestle, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

This twofold finished pestle one end fits 1.5 ml. Small scale axis tube and the other one fits 0.5 ml .Micro rotator tube.