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Mechanical Heat Pump

Mechanical Heat Pump Trainer is composed with straightforward and useful ideas to imagine the principle parts of mechanical warmth pump. The aggregate set-up is housed in all around planned inflexible...

Refrigeration Trainer


Split Air Conditioner Test Rig

Split Air Conditioner Test Rig. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning lab hardware manufacturers,exporters and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab providers

Water to Air Heat Pump

Water to Air Heat Pump Water to Air Heat Pump  (TD-06 ) Trainer is planned with straightforward and utilitarian ideas to envision the principle parts of water to air warm pump. The a...

Domestic Vapour Absorption System Trainer

Residential Vapor Absorption System Trainer The Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Trainer is intended to exhibit working of Aqua-Ammonia Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycle & assess its executio...

Ductable Air-Conditioner Test Rig

Ductable Air-Conditioner Test Rig Our organization is instrumental in the assembling, exchanging and sending out of ideal quality Ductable Air-Conditioner Test Rig. This mechanical assembly is made ac...

Electrolux Refrigerator Test Rig

Electrolux Refrigerator Test Rig The set up shows the understudies about the fundamental key of a vapor ingestion refrigeration cycle. The test fix is intended for the investigation of thermodynamics ...

Heat Pump Trainer

Warmth Pump Trainer The Heat Pump Trainer is intended to contemplate working of Heat Pump & investigate execution of Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle. The coach comprises of a hermeticall...

Ice Plant Test Rig 1

Ice Plant Test Rig The unit empowers the understudies to think about the Basic Principals of ice plant cycle inside a brief period. The test fix is intended for the investigation of thermodynamics of ...

Re-Circulating Air Conditioning Trainer

Re-Circulating Air Conditioning Trainer The re-circling aerating and cooling coach is intended to contemplate distinctive ventilating forms & execution examination of refrigeration cycle in Ai...

Refrigeration Test Rig

Refrigeration Test Rig The set up exhibits the understudies about the fundamental primary of a refrigeration cycle. The test fix is intended for the investigation of thermodynamics of vapor Compressio...

Vapour Compression Refrigeration Trainer

Vapor Compression Refrigeration Trainer The vapor pressure refrigeration mentor is intended to dissect execution of Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle. The coach comprises of a hermetically fixed c...

Air Conditioning System with Climate Chamber

Specialized Description This coach with a total aerating and cooling framework gives a thorough scope of investigations on indoor ventilation building. It has a molding chamber in the control circle. ...

Domestic Air Conditioning Simulator

Specialized Description The recreates the normal cycle of a cooling framework and shows thermostatic control of the temperature. The front board indicates 3 unique sorts of residential cooling framewo...

Full Scale Air Conditioning Trainer

Specialized Description The exploratory set-up constitutes a genuine aerating and cooling framework. The execution of the framework is adequate to aerate and cool a research center room. The aerating ...

HVAC Simulator- Engineering Lab Training Systems

Specialized Description Modern DDC frameworks incorporate control, enhancement and observing capacities. This benchtop unit reenacts a warming circuit with local water warming and a ventilation and co...

Industrial Air Conditioning Controls

Specialized Description The intended for examinations, recreations, and blame finding on standard electrical parts ordinarily utilized as a part of cooling and refrigeration hardware. The benchtop uni...

Open Duct Air Conditioning Trainer

Specialized Description The framework contains parts that are really utilized as a part of building administrations designing. The center of the framework is a refrigeration framework for cooling air....

Recirculating Air Conditioning Trainer

Specialized Description Air molding is a focal part of building innovation. Consequently aerating and cooling is a noteworthy component when preparing building skilled workers and designers. The unmis...