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Rico Nova, 3D


Rico Nova, 3D made in Italy.

Geographer Sketches, 3D


With life history. Printed in color on thick rigid P.V.C. sheet, weatherproof and a washable plastic sheet with hard backing and an aluminum frame. 35 x 50 cms.

Nystrom, 3D


Nystrom, 3D made in the U.S.A.

3D Relief Models- I


Made of rigid PVC sheet with a markable & washable surface Size of each Model 100 x 75 cms supplied with hard backing aluminum frame & hanging hooks Inter...

3D Relief Models- II


3D Relief Models- II

Map Reading Model


Teaches basic map reading how to determine location, elevation and understand scales and symbols. Each package includes a plastic terrain model with 5 correspondi...

Fold Model (Demo Model)


Represents the relative position of the earth crust to the asthenosphere. Demonstrate the folding transformation and the basic forms of the crust.

Geomorphological - I


Set of 8 Models with frame:

Geomorphological - II


Set of 8 Models with frame

Terrain Model


Set of 2 color land form models Each includes and overlay representing ancient mountain form that can be removed & compared with the base model.

Land Form Evolution


The land form features formed by folding tectonics and the change Of land form after the action of external force.

Planet Model


This eye caching 3D wall model is a great way to generate interest in the solar system. All eight planets are to scale respectively, and it even displays Saturn r...

Plate Tectonics


The five sides of the model represent different contents and vividly illustrates the formation of the basic forms of the earth Surface the deep sea trench along t...

Model of Volcano


This is an imported high-quality model of Volcano showing a Volcano cut in half thus exposing its internal structure in great detail.

Model Island Formation


This model involves four types of island formation, namely, continental island, coral island, a volcanic island and alluvial island. The origins of the coral isla...

Ocean Features


Relief Map of North Atlantic ocean shows typical portion of Ocean Floor. It is easy to identify all the major Ocean Features.

Contour Map


various landforms are represented in layered three-dimension according to the contour map. The selected contents of this product include crest, ridge, valley, sad...

Alpine Glacier Model


Consists of two parts heavy plastic overlay of mountains terrain in rock color with snow and ice mass in white, second model of the same terrain show post glacial...

Fault Model (Diastrophism)


It shows tectonic structure & diastrophism in Geology. Display the age of different earth bedding & stratification.

Weather Model


This is basically a weather map shown in three dimension. It represents a typical warm front and cold front showing the early stage of a cyclonic storm developmen...