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Pore Pressure Apparatus


The gear comprises of : Pressure Gauge, Bourdon tubetype 8 inch dia graduated 0-150 p.s.i. divisions and 0-10.5kg./sq. cm in 0.1, kg./sq. cm, divisions: Monometer. Glass V-tube manometer for estima...

Proctor Needle (Hydraulic Type)-


Sort is indistinguishable to (Spring Type) with the exception of that the penetrationpressure on the needle is passed on through a hydraulicsystem on a water powered weight check 0-70 kg. x 1 kg. T...

Proctor Compaction Apparatus: Is : 2720 (Part Vii)


t comprises of compaction Mold 100 mm dia x 127.3 mm x1000 C.c. volume, finish with neckline and plate all steelconstruction. It likewise comprises a Rammer 2.6 kg. x 310 mm.controlled fall through...

Proving Ring Penetrometer


This is for deciding the bearing limit of sub-review soilsor for compaction control and meets. The prerequisites ofASTM 0-420. Comprises of strong handle under which is tied asensitive demonstratin...



According to B.P. 1377 to decide dampness substance and specificgravity. Involves a 2 lb. clear glass bump with metal cone,rocking ring and elastic seal

Rapid Moisture Meter


For brisk assurance of dampness substance of material s inpowder shape I.e. soil, sand. coal, ceramics, gannister, cementetc. A measured amount of the substance under test Is placedin the body of t...

Sieve Shaker (Hand Operated)


The versatile sifter shaker is a hand worked, light weightunit intended for simple taking care of and transportation. It can beclamped to a table. The device can be utilized as a part of both field...

Sieve Shaker (Gyratory Type)


Shaker Gyratory write, driven by 1/4 H.P. engine through areduction equip. Reasonable to convey upto 7 sifters of 15 cm or 20cm width. Whenever cinched, the strainer table does not rotatebut is sla...

Sieves Shaker (Rotap)


The Rotap strainer shaker replicates the roundabout and tappingmotion given to test sifters close by sieving. The uniform,mechanical activity guarantees acccurate and tried and true test.Using the ...

Sieve Shaker (Wet)


This Yodar write engine driven sifter shaker is for conveying outwet strainer investigation of materials. It comprises of a water reservoirand holder for strainers, which can take upto 7 sifters of...

Time Switch


Time extend 1-60 min. The pointer is set and bolted at therequired timing period. At the point when the inside push catch ispressed, the contacts change over and timing starts..

Soil/Trimmer Hand Operated


The lower example hold is mounted on a circle which pivots uninhibitedly. The dirt example is mounted on the lower example hold and the upper grasp is immovably situated over the example. The Verti...

Soil Density Test Apparatus


(center Cutter Method) Consists of acylindrical center shaper of a consistent genuine 10 cm interior width and 127.4 mmlong, a dolly lip to empower it to be locatedon the center shaper and a rammer...

Soil Lathe Motorised (For Bench Mountin


It is utilized to get ready examples of different diamente fortriaxial and unconfined pressure tests. The device isof bureau compose encasing the engine coupled to a rigging systemwith lead screw s...

Sampling Outfit For 38 Mm Dia Spacimens


For gathering undisturbed examples of 38 mm. dia. fr6mborrow pits or from bigger size examples for unconfinedcompression test or triaxial shear test. The outfit comprises ofSample extractor, screw ...

Sampling Out Field, Heavy Duty


For gathering undisturbed examples of soil at various depths.The pack incorporates all vital actualize for exhausting. drivingand liquefying wax. Tests can be associated with substantial dutyextens...

Split Spoon Samplers


The sampler is utilized as a part of soil investigation and is utilized fordetermining the infiltration (N esteem) for soil by giving anumber of blows with a given weight through a given distancean...



Meets the prerequisite of IS : 2720 (Part IV). Electric highspeed, for mechanical assurance of sedimentationanalysis, including an electric engine having 400 ORPMaproximately fitted to a cast press...

Infrared Moisture Balance


Infrared Moisture adjust is extremely dependable and sturdyinstrument for exact assurance of the moisturecontents of materials which don't under go substance changewhen presented to infrared radiat...

Test Sieves (For Fine & Medium Series)


These Test Sieves are made in standard 8. (20 cms) dla fromspun moved metal casing to the base of which is fitted thestandard wire mesh of sifter fabric for sieving activity. Thewire netting for st...