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Engine Model, Diesel, 2/4 Stroke


Diesel Engine Model speaks to inside structure and working standards of an air cooled two/four stroke motor. All parts in aluminum composite. Start is appeared by methods for a small scale globule....

ESR Stand (for 6 tubes)


Built with Steel base rest fabricated of covered non-destructive material. 

One of a kind spring instrument at base licenses single hand task for Westergreen. 


ESR Tube


Standard ESR Tubes are exceptionally sturdy and dependable in nature and are created according to universal quality measures utilizing high review input. 



Eureka Can (Overflow Can), Plastic


Polypropylene body, unbreakable, non destructive white plastic jars have a gush to deplete out flooding fluid. Utilized as a part of a research center for estimating removal of fluids. 


Evaporating Dish


Dissipating dish are round sort with lip. They are made of Porcelain. These are coated inside and incompletely coated outside. 

Accessible in 50ml and 75ml 

Expansion of Liquid Apparatus


To indicate contrast in extension of different fluids over a similar temperature range.It includes 5 glass graduated fine containers of equivalent bore and knobs at the base, mounted on a help outl...

Filter Paper


Channel Papers of RAYEXPORT Brand are made of Hand Made Paper are perfect for clearing up and expelling encourages, and arrangement for subjective investigation. 

Item Feature...

Filter Paper, Watts


Channel Papers of Watts Brand are made of Hand Made Paper are perfect for illuminating and evacuating accelerates, and readiness for subjective examination. 

A quality item fr...

Filter Paper, Analytical FilterKing (Similar to Whatman)


Filterking Filter Paper is produced using most premium virgin mash. The quality is steady many batches. This channel paper can supplant Whatman no.1. 

A quality item from RAYE...

Filter Pump, Glass


Open development, borosilicate glass with riffled gulf spout 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School Laboratories in creating nations of Asia, Africa and Sout...

Filter Pump, Plastic


Polypropylene with necessary non-return valve. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School Laboratories in creating nations of Asia, Africa and South America.&nbs...

Fire Extinguisher


Fire Extinguisher all things considered and types are accessible. A basic asset required in research facility for guaranteeing the wellbeing. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT pe...

First Aid Kit Box


Emergency treatment box comprise of every single basic prescription, tube, check and wraps. 

Accessible in plastic box. 

Accessible in two sizes : Big an...

Floating Ring Magnet Apparatus


For showing attractive repugnance. Involves five earthenware ring magnets, 32mm outer width and a wooden pole on a base general stature 150mm. On the off chance that the magnets are put on the pole...

Force Pump


A working model to show the standards associated with the activity of a power pump. Chamber is 25 x 350 mm dia x general stature is furnished with a non-return drift valve at its lower end. Lower s...

Free Fall Apparatus


This mechanical assembly is utilized to decide G by estimating the season of fall of a steel ball through a pre-decided separation. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for ...

Frequency Signal Generator


0-200KHz, 0-20V P/P - Complete with all frill : 


Worked in Frequency Counter empowers exact setting of recurrence with simple Course and fin...

G - Clamps


These are intended for impeccable execution by utilizing the best grades of metal amalgams and legitimately solidified for sturdiness. 

Effortlessly settle on table. 


Gas Jar with Lid, Glass


These straightforward Specimen Jars, utilized for saving diverse examples in the lab are furnished with a top. These jugs gave fantastic insurance to the species saved in it. 

Separating Funnels, cylindrical, open top


Separating Funnels, cylindrical, open top