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The metal tube


The metal tube Made of metal , spring cuts . Fastened to the timber . Can hold test tubes estimating 12 mm in width - 43 mm . Estimating the general length of 223 mm.

wind barriers


wind boundaries 1 set comprises of 3 bits of aluminum , can be collapsed . Each piece guardrails length x width , 250 mm x 250 mm.



porcelain Small sections of porcelain . Provided in plastic jugs , 500 g

rat cage


rodent confine Made of steel wire . Treated steel confine top , simple to open and have the sustenance and water bottle . The base of the pen can be provided with polyethene shapes. Estimating the ...

Triangle clay


Triangle mud Made of mud with press wire inside. Warmth safe, estimating 50 mm side length ..

visking tube


visking tube Made of semi-porous cellulose-based material , tubular . Estimating the distance across of 14 mm , a length of 10 cm . Provided in moves of 5 m/reel.

hand towels


hand towels Made of cotton, assimilate water . Provided 20 pieces/pack ..

Furnace foot three


Heater foot three Triangles on the best casing made of steel , estimating 160 mm side length . Three legs are made of steel that twist out. General firebox estimating 220 mm high.

The jar with lid


The container with top Made of borosilicate glass , clear write . Estimating the distance across of 200 mm and tallness 100 mm . Used to store the saved creatures ..

bell jar


chime jolt Made of clear glass . Thick bottomed and lips . Restricted - mouthed at the best, secured . Estimating the distance across x tallness , 240 mm x 300 mm.

jars hair


containers hair Made of borosilicate glass . The base secured with a punctured riser zinc . Have a rimmed top is arched previously. Estimating the distance across of 250 mm , stature 312 mm.



Recepticle Made of borosilicate glass , the sort of low , clear, warm safe , nose and graduated each 25 ml . The greatest volume of 100 ml.

Dark dropper bottle


Dull dropper bottle Made of dim glass. Thin - mouthed , with an inactive plastic plugs berputing . The most extreme volume of 125 ml ..

Dropper bottle bright


Dropper bottle splendid Made of straightforward glass . Thin - mouthed , with a dormant plastic plugs berputing . The most extreme volume of 125 ml ..

Dark reagent bottle


Dim reagent bottle Made of dim glass. Restricted - mouthed , has a polypropylene plug with hexagonal head . The most extreme volume of 250 ml ..



Buret Duct Glass: Made of clear glass . A graduated glass tube with a lasting dark shading . Each 0.1 ml graduations to 0:05 exactness ml. Most extreme volume of 50 ml . Hydrant Cap : Hydrant front...

filter funnel


filter funnel.

reagent bottle


reagent bottle Made from pop glass straightforward. Limited - mouthed , has a polypropylene plug with hexagonal head . The greatest volume of 250 ml

Specimen bottle covered


Example bottle secured Made of borosilicate glass . Level base , width 150 mm , length 100 mm , plastic - secured

Transducer and Instrumentation Trainer Kit



On board Circuits piece outline, Different test and estimating focuses, On board +5v ,+12v 

what's more, - 5v control source , Analog Voltmet...